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montessori climbing arch



One of the best addition we made to Jaivyn’s playroom is this Pikler Triangle! We received this right before Christmas. Jaivyn has been enjoying climbing and sliding on it since then!

I also love how this grows with the child as the height can be adjusted!😉


Climbing Triangle 120

Exploring our new climbing triangle in our new trackies 🥰

It's amazing to watch how quickly they're starting to want to climb this. They'll be up & over in no time!


Have I shared with you how careful this little man is when it comes to climbing? He’s super, duper careful that at times, I like to push him to climb over his pikler triangle😅 I think it’s mainly our fault because of course, as parents, we want him to be safe and not get hurt. But I’m slowly learning that providing a safe environment for him to explore, instead of telling him to ‘stop’ or ‘no’, will help him learn to manage and assess risks, build self confidence, and physical strength.

As a first time parent, now I’m realizing how important play really is! Through play, children develop skills that they will need later in life. It prepares them to face and solve whatever challenges that may come their way as they get older.

So, yes, I’m that type of parent that will let (and even encourage) my son to climb as high as he can because I want him to learn that even though he will have bruises and wounds along the way, he can still reach for the stars ⭐️ and the moon 🌙 in the sky!


Climbing Triangle 120


We have had our triangle for 2 weeks, my girls are 20mo and 3.5yo. We have used it every single day! We absolutely LOVE IT! There are so many uses for it. Here is a write up on why the Pickler Triangle is good for kids. From learning their own boundaries, to development 💟