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Why almost every instagram-mom has a Pikler triangle

Besides the aesthetically pleasing and instagramable design – there are way more benefits of a Pikler triangle. And if you haven’t heard of this “must have” baby challenger, then let us take you on a short mindblower.

As a start of any information journey, let’s cover a little background story of this wonderful construction.

Emmi Pikler was a Hungarian Pediatrician who developed a wholesome theory about care and upbringing of infants and young children. Essentially she believed that allowing a child’s self-initiated movements and play has a deep influence on self-image, self-control and many other things. And that’s where the Pikler triangle comes into the frame.

It’s arguably the best construction that allows Children to explore their bodies and learn the boundaries of it. But wait, there’s more! It also helps develop gross motor skills, physical strength and agility.

Most babies are fearless Monkey climbers and will try to climb on anything – the more unsuitable, the better. Providing them with a dedicated space for that might just save them a lot of trouble…for their own good.

If you’ve heard about the Montessori approach or even practice some of the principles around the home, the Pikler triangle is a great addition to that. And parents living in a place with cold seasons face an extra challenge – going outside for some physical activities isn’t always possible when a Toddler wants it the most. In these cases the Pikler triangle has your back! This tiny jungle jim may be quite the energy burner for a little one.

The Pikler triangles vary in design, but they all have some things in common:

  • Triangle shaped steps
  • A sliding board or mountain climbing elements
  • They must be made from safe, high quality wood

Parents may choose the most suitable design depending on the available space they have and the interior of the room. However, choosing a product of high quality is essential even if that means skipping some fancy restaurant dates for a while to save up some extra cash.

As with other Montessori-type toys, they last a long time and are designed for children from 5 months up to 6 years! That’s even longer than the average lifespan of an iphone. But the philosophical question remains – why do most new-age instagram moms have this in their home? The answer might be quite obvious.

As the society is changing and scientists are discovering the best parenting practices, the Pikler approach gains more attention and “hype”. College seemed like the most important and biggest investments a parent can make, but tables have started to turn. Educators like Pikler and Montessori advocated for the importance of investing time, energy, care and resources in the early stages of child’s development. First years of one’s life can change the pace and direction of all the years that follow and society is starting to recognise that…even if it means finding out about this parenting philosophy on social media.

And besides – making your home harmonious, aesthetic and peaceful with the choice of toys and gadgets around the house just makes the parenting experience more pleasurable for everyone! Creating beautiful childhood memories is important not only for the child, but parents as well. Many young adults are actually scared of raising children just because of all the horror stories they’ve heard from their own parents or friends who decided to take upon the challenge of raising a child. Well, with the Pikler approach and all the instruments it has created, this becomes less like a nightmare and more like a dreamland.

As in the other blogs we’ve posted here, we want to emphasize that getting the right tools and toys for a child is only a part of the game – it’s the mindset and approach that truly make the collection of gadgets around the home beneficial. It’s all about genuine care, understanding and respect throughout early childhood years and providing the right tools and opportunities from a place of unconditional love.